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:33 < Ask Nepeta!

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:33 < *ac stealthily cr33ps up upon her visitor* h33 h33! hello! welcome to my blog! go ahead and leave me a question in the ask box, and i'll do my best to answer it, and leave a little purcture! :33 maybe while you're here you can even check out my shipping wall, or help me give equius his milk! have fun!

:33 < also, a little warning, you may n33d to click the purcture if it a set to get a clear view. :33

:33 < click here to s33 the shipping wall!

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OOC: I would just like to point out that the reason I never update is because I have exactly 0 good asks

OOC: I’m 95.4% sure that these asks are referring to this ask from a year ago

:33 < mr. ampurra…. I just…
aww come on, please?
:33 < but… er…

OOC: As far as I&#8217;m concerned, this is now canon on my blog.

OOC: As far as I’m concerned, this is now canon on my blog.

X33 < play with me!


Anonymous Asked:
aahhh, you're back! I was so excited I squealed :D Also your style changed! Nepeta looks so adorable, I love how you draw her hair and eyes! I really love your ask blog, and the fact that your style is so flexible is great, too, cuz like, you improved so much since you started out and and... You're super sweet and... I like you and your blog and your everything a lot. <33

My answer:

OOC: asdfghjkkjhgdsdfghjk!!!
If there was ever a need for inspiration to update this blog again, this ask is it ;v; Thank you so much!!! <33 I’m happy to be back again ^^

:OO &lt; t-thank mew!

:OO < t-thank mew!

:33 < at least I would hope so!


my first time voice acting!
art by askrougeofheart and help from the lovely hannah vuv


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